Trade and Market Site Information

Applications for Trade and Market Sites at our 2020 Annual Show are now open. Applications close 30th August 2020.

Information pack for trade and market sites is available below. Please read the information pack fully before applying.

Ashburton A & P Show has vibrant trade and market Sites at their annual show.  In excess of 100 trade Sites set up each year along with a large a great variety of market Sites some outdoor and some in an indoor marquee.

The types of trade and market sites available

Exhibitors at the Ashburton A & P Show can choose from a range of different types and sizes of trade and market sites.

  • Exhibitors can choose to apply for a trade site or a market site. The trade sites tend to be occupied by businesses involved in the agricultural sector (eg, suppliers of rural supplies, tractors and farm implements; agricultural contractors; and rural bankers). The market sites tend to be occupied by a broader range of exhibitors, including community groups, artisan producers, craftspeople and suppliers of homewares.
  • Exhibitors can choose to apply whether they want an indoor or outdoor site. The vast majority of sites are outdoors (where site holders need to bring or hire their own marquee or gazebo), but there are also sites available in an indoor market area (where exhibitors are located together in a marquee provided by the Ashburton A & P Association).
  • Exhibitors can choose whether they want a site with or without power. All indoor market sites have power supplied on a complimentary basis. There is no power available at outdoor market sites. Power is available at trade sites, on request and at a cost to the site holder (as noted in the Info Pack under-pricing).
  • Exhibitors can choose from a range of differently sized sites. An exhibitors choice of site (trade versus market and indoor versus outdoor) may depend on the size of site required. The market sites (both indoor and outdoor) are smaller than the smallest trade site. The sizes of trade and market sites available range from small indoor market sites (3m front x 2m depth) up to very large trade sites (30m front x 23m depth). The details of the specific site sizes available are set out in the Info Pack alongside the prices for each site.

The layout at the Ashburton Showgrounds has the trade sites located in a continuous area across one part of the grounds. The indoor and outdoor market sites located in a separate area, adjacent to one end of the trade sites at the Eastern end of the grounds, along with most food sites and the entertainment stage.

Information pack available below includes the application forms and general information. For further questions, contact the administrator.

30th August 2020
Trade and market site applications close
(applications received after this date cannot be guaranteed acceptance)
September/early October 2020 Sites are allocated by the Ashburton A & P Association and applicants are advised of the results of their application for a site
28th October 2020 Site holders can start setting up their sites at the Ashburton Showgrounds
30th October 2020 First day of show – trade and market sites must be setup and manned by 9.00am and manned all day Friday
31st October 2020 Second day of show – trade and market sites must manned all day Saturday until 4.30pm, when dismantling of sites can commence
2nd November 2020 Trade and market sites to be cleared by 5.00pm