1st                               Barrie Begg           

2nd                               Gerard Murphy     

3rd                               Bert Oliver             


1st                               Andrew Spencer 

2nd                               Murray Holmes

3rd                                    David Butterick    


1st                               Vaughan Jones      

2nd                                Andrew Barlass    

3rd                                Johnny Bell             

Judges Choice

1st                               Graham Marr                                             

2nd                               Andrew McKenzie                                       

3rd                               Mark Slee                                                  

Overall Winner of Ravensdown Trophy and Voucher

1st                               Vaughan Jones

Winter Feed Itinerary Thursday 30th May

9.25am V Jones, Griggs Rd, Dorie9.55am G Murphy, Mitcham Rd10.15am B Begg, Thompsons Track10.30am D Butterick, Line Road11.00am M Holmes, Highbank11.20am Marr Farms, Rakaia River Rd10.40am A Barkass H/w 72Noon Lunch at Methven, venue to be organised
1.00pm leave for1.40am Inverary Station2.10pm A McKenzie, Anama2.25pm A Spencer, Anama2.50pm J Bell, Ruapuna3.20p M Slee, Carew


Rape – David Butterick 1st, 2nd Daryl Butterick

Kale – Gerard Murphy 1st, Warren Harris 2nd, Chris Curd 3rd, David Butterick 4th, Richard Lemon 5th

Turnips – David Bennett 1st

Swedes – Mark Slee 1st

Autumn Saved Pasture – Tim Lovett 1st, David Butterick 2nd, Phil Lovett 3rd

Green Feed Cereals – David Butterick 1st, Bill Davey 2nd

Fodder Beet – Vaughan Jones 1st, Craig Muckle 2nd, Chris Curd 3rd, David Jones 4th, David Butterick 5th

Overall Winner Ravensdown Trophy – Vaughan Jones

Runner Up – Craig Muckle

Judges Choice Crop – Mark Slee